Gold coin registration page

Youth Fridays gold coins term 2

May 4th - July 6th, 2018


Cash is sooooo last century.
Who has time to find a gold coin every week?

Take out the stress by paying your gold coin donations for the whole term of Friday nights.
For term two, $15 covers 7 evenings- 5 of them in the church crypt plus 2 AYM events (Pentecost & Fanatics Cup).
It does not include a ticket to Dinner at Hogwarts (25 May) or donations towards 40 Hour Famine (8 June).

If you'd rather stick to 'pay as you go,' that's all good too :)

Audio Visual Training - SOUND

May 28th, 2018

Logo black background

40 hr famine Sleep over

June 8th - June 9th, 2018

$0 - $25
Stained art event reg

STAINED Art Course

July 2nd - August 20th, 2018


This art course is about creatively celebrating the beauty and heritage of our building. We will explore these ideas using fun mixed media techniques designed to lead us towards a finished painting. Your own personal song celebrating an aspect of your faith. If you have never painted before this is a lovely introduction to mark making and the joy of the process.
*$80 course cost includes in class materials and pro panel board.
*Minimum age of 12 years old